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So much growth and change over the last three years and now a beautiful baby on the way. Feeling more at peace now than ever in my life. I always felt the need to chase the next project, the next opportunity and for the first time, I actually feel more present than before. ​​Enjoying every motion and ​​kick, aware of the days left to meeting our baby but not actually counting them. I am embracing the changes that are happening to my body, letting the days be and the natural course of things happen. It is so freeing not to worry and just believe that everything will be alright, even if not perfect. I find that the key is not to work so hard to keep everything perfectly in line, but rather to avoid amplifying them in your own head. If we keep life feeling light, even the bigger burdens are easy to carry. At times the extra weight of pregnancy can feel heavy, so I shake it off by dancing around; finding that I am not actually unable, it was just a moment of denial. I can imagine myself strong enough to carry the weight, strong enough for it all, and suddenly it is true. The first step to being is believing, and with determination and patience so much is possible. With the extra weight, I feel lighter than before. Home is where we can share our life together, bring each other up and push each other forward, and love unconditionally. I am so excited for now.

**Baby romper made from an old Mossimo sweater. The pockets and cuffs were made from leftover fabric from a recent alteration.