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Among the silence, you can hear the birds singing

As so many people might be suffering from the world crisis right now, I find myself immensely grateful. I feel a little guilty for admitting it, but I could never have dreamt of a more perfect scenario to fit this very pregnant version of myself. We just moved into our new home, which is such a wonderful open space and such a great way to introduce this new chapter of our life. Along with a fresh new space, like so many, I also received the opportunity to work from home. I honestly cannot be more grateful to wake up every morning to a peaceful, open space and have the time to work, create, cook, clean, rest, you name it!

The time in solitude has been quite lovely. It has given me a chance to focus on things that I have been desperately seeking time for. Having some time to create outfits for my baby has been incredibly inspiring. I do not remember the last time I enjoyed sewing as much as I do now. There is something so meditative and non-cumbersome about making these clothes. Certainly so different from the accuracy and seriousness of a bridal gown. I love making couture, don't get me wrong. There is something about the perfection and detailed craftsmanship that goes into each gown that is certainly very rewarding. On the other hand, the effortlessness and playfulness of these tiny creations is the perfect reflection of how I want to feel at the moment. Possibilities are endless, we just have to be able to notice them among the noise. With the current worldwide silence, I am finding so much meaning and hope in what I am doing right now that it is hard to imagine looking back. I can only imagine the happiness that lies ahead with the best creation of all, baby.

*Romper and tee in the photo was created from an old Foo Fighters t-shirt*