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A whole new world

Spending a splendid Saturday morning staring at the view from the balcony of our new home. I am sipping a homemade latte and eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Sounds like perfection I admit, however I have gained thirty pounds from this pregnancy + Covid slow down. When will we ever experience the entire world coming to a complete halt like this again? Embracing these days of silence, despite tragic and unusual, it is still so beautiful. Such an unforgettable time to be pregnant. The entire world presses the reset button and a new, hopefully a better world, will emerge from it.

Nature seems more vibrant than before, or perhaps we are just taking the time to smell the flowers; maybe a combination of both. Without much choice, we embrace the current changes and adapt to them , hopefully with a positive perspective. With time, most things can start to feel normal, even though not at first. So like the face masks we are told to wear and the social distancing we are forced to adapt to, the thirty pounds of baby weight wrapped around my waist is something I am also getting used to, even enjoying to some degree.

Nature reminds us of how simple things can be; a bird sings, a flower blooms, a baby kicks inside the womb. All of which are far more fulfilling than that insignificant online sale. So as difficult as this moment might feel, more to some than others, I am grateful for the small and colorful details in life. With preserving nature on my mind, I transformed an old tank top given to me by a dear friend of mine into a baby onesie. A symbol of the changes, both internally and externally that we are all experiencing. I look forward to introducing my nature loving baby into our better, post-pandemic world. It seems that we will both be entering a whole new world together.Thank you for the beautiful nature that I can trust to make my life complete.