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...low and behold, a Baby Project

At 7 months pregnant, I really thought I would be better at documenting the pregnancy experience in writing so that I could reminisce years in the future about how magical it was. With only a hand full of pregnancy photos, I can honestly say that I have unsuccessfully documented this milestone in my life. I have, however, become inspired!

After years in fashion and bridal and now among the COVID pandemic, an opportunity to rethink some of our pre-pandemic life style choices surfaced. I started to imagine ways of being more resourceful and creative with the things that I already owned. A shift in thinking, from "convenience" to "resourceful".

With limited baby friendly fabrics available in my bridal studio, I started scavenging through old unworn clothing to create smaller versions of them. Suddenly a single abandoned t-shirt became a new baby outfit! Creating not just something from nothing, but more from less. 1 item of clothing could be reproduced to create anywhere from 1-3 new baby items! And what better way to introduce a baby into the world than wrapped in the softest reinvented hand-me-downs that remind us to love the earth we live in. This chance to make creative new outfits for my unborn baby has been one of the most joyful things ever!

So although I wont have a sentimental pregnancy diary to share with my child, I will have the story of how powerfully inspiring he was to me, even before we actually met.

Before (right) and After (left)