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Make Mend Modernize

There are several ways to achieve your dream gown

The first option is for a made to measure custom wedding gown. In this one-on-one collaboration, the designer will work intimately with the client. The process of customizing is one that we are especially passionate about, and for a client, it is an opportunity to create a new style that entirely reflects her personal identity

Secondly is the option for bridal and evening wear alteration. In this process we work carefully and meticulously to mold a previously made gown to perfectly fit the client. With years of experience in couture bridal, creating the perfect fit to a pre-existing gown is a very rewarding process

Thirdly is the option to redesign or restore something previously worn. In the age of fast fashion, extending the lifespan of a pre-existing article of clothing is something to consider and completely possible. There is always an excellent opportunity to mend or modernize anything in your closet


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